Backdoor Garbage Pick-Up Service

Memorial Forest residents in Houston have private trash collection provided by Republic Waste Services, which picks up on Wednesdays and Saturdays. This is paid partially through a rebate from the City of Houston, but residents must also pay a quarterly bill from Republic. If you are receiving Republic service and are not paying a bill, you are subject to having your service cut-off. To prevent this from happening, please call Republic at 281-446-2030.

Memorial Forest residents in Bunker Hill Village have trash pickup provided by Republic as well, but on Mondays and Thursdays. Additionally, recycling is provided every Wednesday. Please see for more information.

Republic allows for 8 containers per household (including yard clippings) to be picked up at the back of the driveway on each pickup day.  Any additional containers will be picked up curbside.  Trash should not be placed curbside before 6 PM the night before pickup.  No garbage will be picked up inside the garage.  Each Saturday (Thursday for BHV residents) is designated as heavy waste collection day and includes such items as appliances, furniture, etc. which are to be placed curbside.  NO CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS.  Construction materials or other items not covered by the above may be arranged to be removed by calling direct to Republic Waste Services, 281-446-2030.  An additional charge is made for this service. 

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