Patrol Services

Over half of the annual MFCC Assessment (dues) goes to pay for the Constable Patrol for our area (we join with several area neighborhoods to pay for this collectively). If you ever have questions or concerns about the patrol or about something you feel needs police attention, call the Constable’s office at (281) 463-6666. If there is an emergency in progress call 911. After an incident, call the Constable’s Office for the fastest response. You may also call the Houston Police Department at (713) 222-3131; tell them you are located in Police Beat 462. (Bunker Hill residents may call the Villages Police at (713) 468-7878.) Again, if it is an emergency in progress, dial 911!

Memorial Forest Club

We are conveniently located next to Memorial Forest Club. The club has tennis courts, a volleyball court, a basketball mini-court, a main clubhouse, three pools, outdoor shaded deck, lounge chairs and a snack bar. They offer activities including tennis leagues and lessons, youth swim team, summer day camp, social activities and much more. For more information about the Memorial Forest Club, visit

Mosquito Control

The Memorial Forest Civic Club pays for all streets in the neighborhood to be sprayed for mosquitoes each week, from April through November. (The truck usually sprays on Thursday nights around 9 PM). To help keep mosquitoes under control the Harris County Mosquito Control also suggests:

  • Eliminate all containers that may hold water or empty them at least twice a week.
  • Keep your lawn mowed. Mosquitoes love to rest in tall grass during the day.
  • Use a yellow outside light. Mosquitoes that bite are attracted to light but cannot see yellow wavelengths.

Any resident who feels his/her area is especially bothered by mosquitoes should call the Mosquito Control Committee (please see the front of your directory for the number).

Trash or Garden Refuse

It is unlawful for anyone to deposit trash or garden cuttings along the flood control ditch, on school property, or in any culvert or storm sewer.


City ordinances require that all dogs must be leashed or fenced and not permitted to run loose without direct supervision of the owner. Any questions should be referred to the Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care, (713) 238-9600

Door-to-Door Solicitors

The resident is the only control over solicitors. “NO SOLICITOR” signs may be helpful. Suspicious solicitors should always be reported to the Constable Patrol Office at (281) 463-6666.


Placing signs on the esplanade is forbidden by city ordinance. Signs placed at the entrance at Memorial Drive are forbidden by Bunker Hill ordinance. Violations of these ordinances and Deed Restrictions also conflict with maintenance efforts by MFCC.

Garage Sales

The holding of garage sales within the subdivision is a violation of the Deed Restrictions. Garage sales has been interpreted to include specifically estate sales and other kinds of advertised sales that request people to come to the house to purchase items other than for single item sales, such as cars.

Esplanade and Entrance Maintenance

The Gessner esplanade is maintained in cooperation with Frostwood and Memorial Hollow Civic Clubs. The MFCC maintains the section from Cobblestone to Pebblebrook.