Approval Process & Deed Restrictions

A) Please read the deed restrictions carefully and thoroughly.

B) Property Owner must initiate the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) approval process, not the designer/builder.


D) Only after ACC receipt of authorization in writing from the owner will issues be discussed with the designer/builder.

E) Send a letter to the ACC Chair briefly describing the intended improvement plans. Include a sketch or two if warranted. Note exterior material selections and key features as well as the area of any new impervious surfaces.

F) Upon receipt of concept approval, develop detailed plans of the intended improvements. Depending on the extent of the improvements this may be a large drawing package. Plot surveys must be performed by a licensed surveyor. Include copies of the following at a minimum:

  1. Survey of lot clearly showing the existing structure(s) with all setbacks shown (note that setbacks are measured from the drip line NOT the foundation).
  2. Drawing of plot plan with improvements clearly shown.
  3. Improvements plan drawing package.
  4. Identification of all exterior materials including siding, roofing, windows, paint, fencing, driveway gate, etc.
  5. Impervious coverage calculations in detail(note the City of Houston calculation form is inadequate).
  6. There is a “submission fee” for review of plans for major construction. Contact an ACC member for the most current rates. Plans will not be reviewed before the fee is paid.

It is through this process that MFCC is able to maintain in force the deed restrictions we currently have. These deed restrictions were approved in writing by over 87% of the property owners in late 2006.

All property owners are encouraged to contact the ACC Chair with any questions regarding their own improvement plans or in the event they see something going on to alert the ACC Chair or any other member of the Board so that timely follow up can occur. MFCC actively enforces the deed restrictions in all respects. Only by a collective watch will we be able to maintain the neighborhood we have.

To download a copy of the Deed Restrictions and a list of accepted roofing materials, please click here.


Hartford Prewett, Chairman
Architectural Control Committee
Memorial Forest Civic Club, Inc.